Our Story

The Perfect Location: Then and Now

“Office Park : The South’s Most Desirable Business Setting”
Since 1961.  Still the most beautiful natural business setting in the city.

An Idea Becoming Reality

A Fascinating History


Back in the early 1950s, 45 acres of land were purchased for the nation’s first Office Park to eventually be brought to life. Strict requirements during that time requiring buildings to occupy no more than 25% of its lot and no high rises to be built certainly played an important part in the creation of what is today a rare work environment to experience.

Construction of the first building in Office Park began in 1956 and there were no prospective tenants. Universal Atlas Cement moved into the building after its completion, and the building became known simply as “No. 10 Office Park”. A few years later, in 1961, the “Center Circle Buildings” were completed and in 1962, another 90,000 square foot

building’s construction began. After completion, Office Park was comprised of 240,000 square feet and was home to more than 650 people working under companies such as Alcoa, DuPont, Ford Motor Credit Company, Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad, and many more.